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BusinessView is a business database providing a definitive and consistent view of the UK business population. It offers accurate cross-channel contact data and in-depth insight to drive improved commercial marketing engagement. Extend the reach of your marketing campaigns with comprehensive prospect data, all in one place.

Experian’s UK company database is unique in its breadth and depth

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UK’s largest business information bureau with over 5 million companies
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Refine for your criteria with over 250 variables and attributes
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Built from over 25 trusted data sources, with daily updates

A company information database to help you reach, enrich and engage

BusinessView contains hundreds of variables across categories including;

  • - Contact
  • - Firmographic
  • - Financial and Performance

When appended to your data, it unlocks in-depth insight and enables a detailed and granular understanding of your customers and prospects.

Improve your understanding of customers and prospects

  • Ensure your marketing campaigns send the right message to the right people
  • Finding highly targeted prospects that have a proven interest in similar products and services with information on small, medium and large business across all UK regions and industries
  • Maintaining marketing effectiveness by keeping your existing data accurate and up to date

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