Improve communications with clients and prospects

People often mistype email addresses across the many channels through which organisations collect information. Accepting mistyped addresses is a lost opportunity to communicate with valuable prospects and customers. Experian data validation will ensure you only mail to valid and deliverable email addresses.

Validating email addresses can help to reduce bounce rates, improve sender reputation, increase deliverability, and improve overall email performance. This ultimately leads to a greater return on investment for your email marketing program.

What types of errors does Experian Data Quality email verification fix?

Email Entered Type of Data Error Email Validated
j pommers @ Mistyping, including extra spaces Ommited letters Incorrect domain

Validate address data in real-time or bulk

Improve the deliverability of your email campaigns and reduce the chances of being filtered out by an ISP or blocked as spam. One of the most effective way to do this is ensuring the accuracy of the email data held:

Real – time -Increase data quality at the point of collection to help you catch mistyped email addresses and prompt customers to make corrections.

Bulk – mode -Automatically upload to a secure FTP website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for validation.

Benefits to validation email addresses

Ensuring your database contains valid and deliverable email addresses allows your organization communicate more effectively:

- Active validation determines if an account is valid and deliverable at a specific moment In time

- A distributed infrastructure across thousands of IP addresses means we can process validation calls, on average, in less than 1 second

- Maximum security from Experian, a leader in data privacy and security standards

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The key features of a Address Validation with Experian

  • Pre-validation syntax check to ensure the email is well-formed
  • Enhanced abilitiy to reslve Yahoo! Domain email addresses
  • No fee for “unknown” responses
  • Flexible deployment methods to suit any environment
  • Full reporting and MI

How has email validation helped other organisations?

Digital box saved £75,000 in marketing spend using real-time email validation.

Explore the case study and find out how using email validation has seen a virtually instantaneous improvement to Digital Box's services.

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