A right to work check should be carried out to validate if the person you are going to employ has the right to work in the UK. The Home Office codes of practice state that you can be fined up to £20,000 per person for each member of staff who is found to not have the full right to work in the UK.

Introducing the Right to Work App

We know just how costly and time consuming it can be to conduct right to work checks, trying to make sure your results are accurate, up to date and are in line with immigration codes of practice and GDPR regulation. Which is why you need our Right to Work App. A handy online tool with simple and efficient processes that gives you peace of mind that your checks are compliant with UK law.

Incorporating state of the art document validation and facial recognition technology, our Right to Work App not only helps you to conduct compliant right to work checks, but it validates that the documents provided by the candidate are valid and their own. Clever optical character recognition technology uses the biographical data captured to auto-populate the fields in the right to work app, meaning the majority of checks can be automatically approved, saving yours and your candidates time. Not forgetting our new advanced operator portal for managing your checks and our API that can link your check data directly into your ATS.

Discover 5 reasons to use our Right to Work App:

How can the Right to Work App help you?


Statutory Excuse

Our checks help you to meet the Home Office guidelines required for a statutory excuse.


Reduce Costs

The step by step guide makes sure all users are following the same process, meaning less training, helping you to save costs.


Document clarity

The app will tell you exactly what documentation is required for each individual.


Re-check alerts

Let you know three months before re-checks are needed for employees who don’t have a permanent right to work in the UK.



Updates to the system will be made as and when legislation changes.


MI Dashboard

The advanced portal is fully configurable to suit your needs, giving you visibility over all your checks, for instant reporting and management.



The app will advise when to delete archived checks on employees who have left your business, as required by immigration and the GDPR legislation.


No paperwork

Everything is safely stored digitally in the Right to Work Portal.

 We believe in our solutions so much that we use them ourselves

“Over 250 hiring managers at Experian are actively using the Right to Work App. Before we started using it we had to make appointments for every candidate to attend an appointment with HR, so we could complete their right to work checks – it was so time consuming. Now the brilliant app gives me and my team the confidence to roll out the responsibility of completing the check to the hiring manager, making the experience quicker and easier for the candidate, HR and hiring manager”

Faye Bell, HR Operations and Onboarding Manager, Experian

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