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With the new government bill to ban letting fees across England¹,  we understand your need for cost-effective solutions to manage your tenant verification. You need to know a tenant can afford to pay their rent on time and that they have a history of doing so, and you need to know this quickly.

What is Experian Tenant View?

By combining our tenant verification software with our Open Banking solution, Experian Tenant View uses bank statement data to drive quick and accurate pre-tenancy checks, enabling you to make fast and informed letting decisions and safeguard your property investment.

How does it work?


Why choose Experian Tenant View


Standardising your verification process, our checks comply with FCA guidelines and industry regulations, giving you peace of mind that your assessment of potential tenants is consistent and fair.


Our online system is quick and easy to use giving you time back to concentrate on the service not the admin.


Our checks will give you confidence that your prospective tenant is who they say they are, helping you to combat any potential risks for the future of the property.


You’ll have access to our comprehensive customer support team, who will always be there to help with any screening questions you may have.

What checks do we do?

Identity Check - validates a tenant is who they say they are

Adverse Financial Check – highlights financial warning signals in a tenant’s background (e.g. CCJs, fraud and other adverse data)

Income verification – Uses open banking APIs to locate an applicant’s income 

History of rental payments check - Uses open banking APIs to view outgoing transactions to track previous rental payments



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