Higher Education

Experian’s Higher Education Background Checks are essential for ensuring a safe campus environment for staff and students alike.

They allow you to screen candidates, whilst deterring those that may be unsuitable. In fact, it’s reported that around 15 per cent of candidates back out of an application when told that a check is required¹.

For any type of background check to work, you need to first ensure that the candidate is who they say they are and that they aren’t providing false, incomplete or misleading information as to their identity, in an attempt to hide adverse information. Therefore, it is advised that every Higher Education Background Check process should start with an Identity Check and a pre employment credit check. These crucial initial checks consult the electoral roll and one of the UK’s largest consumer databases to verify a candidate’s identity, address and adverse financial history.

Why check?

Screening candidates helps you to avoid reputational damages and reduce staff turnover. Experts estimate that 11 per cent of applicants say they have a degree when they don’t, whilst 29 per cent claimed they had completed a course when they only finished part of it². Higher Education Background Checks can be used to validate a candidate’s employment, educational and professional history, ensuring that they are as qualified as they appear on paper. Finally, Personal Reference Checks can give you the sort of valuable insight into a candidate’s character or abilities that simply cannot be gleaned from any other stage of an application.

Who is it for?

All who work in the education sector must be appropriately screened, to ensure that they don’t pose any internal threat and that they have the required skills to fulfil the role. Experian can run Higher Education Background Checks on all prospective employees and volunteers. Whether you are recruiting lecturers, professors, cleaners or catering staff, our streamlined online process can be easily incorporated into your current recruitment platform. Our direct access to data sources also allows us to offer a fast UK turnaround time on all reports.

Source: ¹ Experian: Recruit in haste, regret at leisure whitepaper, 2013, ² The Guardian, Will you be found out if you lie on your CV?, 22.06.12

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