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Experian Professional Services Background Checks provide an essential pre employment screening service for such varied occupations as accountants, actuaries, consultants and tax advisors.

Though covering a diverse range of roles across multiple sectors, all Experian Professional Services Background Checks have the same vital purpose: to safeguard your business against employee fraud, reducing the damages to reputation, integrity and profits that can arise from poor employment screening.

Experian can help you determine exactly which Professional Services Background Checks are suitable for your company, and which are required by law for your sector. However, even the most stringent of background checks can fail if a candidate has supplied false or incomplete information. It is therefore advised that all employment screening processes start with a basic Identity Check and an Adverse Financial Check. Each of these checks draws from the electoral roll and one of the UK’s largest consumer databases in order to confirm that a candidate truly is who they claim to be.

Why check?

Occupations in the professional services often require extensive formal training or specialist technical knowledge. Experts estimate that 20-50% of candidates embellish their credentials on CVs*, so the risks of employing an unqualified candidate can be high.

Our Reference Checks can validate an individual’s employment, educational and professional technical membership history, helping you to ensure that a candidate is every bit as qualified as they appear on paper. Meanwhile, our data validation checks can highlight any potential red flags that could cause a conflict of interest situation, or otherwise jeopardise a candidate’s ability to perform a role.

Experian Professional Services Background Checks can also help you remain compliant with your industry sector’s restrictions and regulations. For example, Criminal Record Checks are mandatory for certain roles, whilst FCA Checks are necessary for roles involving the selling or advising on accounts or investments.

Our online system also allows you to stay up to date with any changes in the circumstances of your existing employees, helping you to identify any potential sources of conflict long before they become problematic.

Source: * CooperLomazNews, Exposed: Forged Employment References, 04.09.13

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