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Experian Transport Sector Background Checks are an invaluable pre employment screening solution for both Department for Transport (DFT) regulated operations and independent businesses.

If you work within a DFT regulated area, you may already be aware of the sort of Background Checks required for your operations. If not, you will almost certainly be aware of the high penalties associated with non-compliance. With our Transport Sector Background Checks, we can help to ensure that your employment practices comply with regulation. Outsourcing your candidate screening to an expert third party allows your staff to focus on other tasks, saving you valuable time and money.

We run Transport Sector Background Checks on the following DFT regulated areas: airlines and airport operators, train operators, port and maritime companies, regulated cargo agents and known consignors and non-regulated areas: couriers and other delivery companies, road transport operators, haulage firms and logistics providers

Why check

Experian Transport Sector Background Checks allow you to recruit and maintain a skilled and reliable workforce. Properly screened personnel is your first line of defence against the damages to integrity and reputation that can arise from poor employment choices.

Furthermore, in the transport and logistics sector, long distance travel is often a major part of a company’s operations. Should an employee ever be involved in a collision whilst driving on company time, the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 could hold the employer responsible. Thorough Transport Sector Background Checks are therefore essential for safeguarding your business against any breaches of due diligence.

Who is it for

Experian Transport Sector Background Checks are available for your entire workforce, not just your drivers. We can also help you to screen your warehouse staff, your engineers, your customer facing staff and even your back office staff. We can advise you on the types of Transport Sector Background Checks necessary for your operations and can help you carry out Identity Checks, DVLA Checks and a host of data validation and reference checks designed to ensure that there is nothing in your candidate’s past that might prove problematic for your business. Experian offer a global service, with a dependable array of international contacts. We can therefore run Transport Sector Background Checks on most of your candidates, regardless of language or nationality.

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