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Experian’s web-based application provides instant access to our portfolio of local area demographics and consumer behaviour datasets. This insight helps you evaluate market demand and identify the areas containing your ideal customer base – allowing data-led decisions on site locations. Opening a new site for your business is a significant decision. Markets are competitive and finding of the right consumers to attract to your brand and location is key if you want to have an attractive and profitable venue. How do you determine the quality of a site? And for high quality sites, how can you be sure they’re a good site for your business? Will there be enough of the consumers that you want to attract? In practical terms, how can you make these decisions quickly and efficiently?

Well, having an accurate view of the consumer landscape is key to finding the areas that will perform best for your business. Location Analyst enables clients to access Experian’s portfolio of local area demographics and consumer behaviour datasets, across the UK, to evaluate market demand and to identify the areas containing your target audience.

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Why use Location Analyst?

- Investigate an area: Understand the demographics around a potential new site acquisition and quantify the local population make-up

- Understand your customers: Import consumer postcodes and then segment and profile them using Experian's Mosaic UK consumer classification

- Visualise your data: Map the location and coverage of your customers, sites and competitors and visualise sales territories or trade areas

- Benchmark performance: Compare and rank areas of the country to identify the concentration of your customers by store catchment, local media or postal geography

- Reduce campaign spend: by only marketing to target audiences in the right areas


How it works

The online, subscription-based application gives users access to powerful analysis via an easy-to-use interface where users are guided through the options required to run a piece of analysis. Datasets and the reports you can access are tailored to your requirements and budget. Functionality is broken down into several areas: 


Area analysis and customer profiling; pre-defined reports are available for standard analysis while advanced report wizards can be used when additional support is required.


Visualise demographic datasets or the results of analysis reports; includes catchment areas, imported point files, segmentations including Mosaic UK and target audience heat maps.


Create store catchments, import location or customer data, enrich files with postcode level segmentations.

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How should you decide where to invest? Which country, city or town is right for you? How does the market compare to the locations you’re familiar with – and how big is the opportunity overall? Giving yourself the best chances of success means answering critical questions, including those above and this is where WorldView can help.



Experian’s desktop analysis tool offers a range of pre-defined analysis reports, providing an easy way to analyse the range of datasets Experian hold on consumers, markets, towns and cities. Gain valuable insight and assess the value of different locations to support new site or campaign placement decisions.


Create your own analytics via the Alteryx tool and combine this with our demographical and geographical data to allow for accurate analysis. It gives you complete flexibility to build the analysis routines you need to make informed location planning decisions.

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