By understanding your customers and markets better you can create the products, services and experiences they want. Then reach them with relevant, personalised marketing messages. Most brands rightly value their own data - It's a source of truth and hard earned. Typically, they may not have a true or complete view of all customer interactions, which creates blind spots that impact your ability to engage effectively with your customers. Anonymous interactions via digital channels makes it more difficult to understand who your consumers are.

Experian data adds the breadth and depth of insight you need to truly understand your customers, and find more like them. We support your marketing with a comprehensive, accurate view of your customer base. Helping you understand who your best customers are, what they want or need and how best to target them. Experian can segment customers by demographics, buying habits and channel preference – enabling you to create personalised offers and achieve better response rates. Understanding customers isn’t just about people; it’s about places, too. Our data and insight informs your strategy to identify the right locations to focus your investment and deliver maximum ROI.


Our Solutions

Experian Marketing Services

Consumer Segmentation

Communicate with your customers more effectively through Experian’s segmentation products. Experian’s data segments UK consumers through financial behaviour, demographic classification, digital behaviour and buying habits. We also offer bespoke segmentation which can support tailored marketing strategies.

Consumer Marketing Data

Experian provides a consistent view of the UK adult population linked to a broad range of demographic, socio-economic and behavioural characteristics. Our wide range of variables allow you to tailor your marketing communications and improve customer experience.

Credit Risk Marketing Suppressions

Make informed decisions on your marketing communications by using Experian data to understand the likely credit risk of all UK consumers. We can support your business in marketing credit products responsibly, whilst maximising the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Fuel & Forecourt Data

Our detailed knowledge and understanding of the retail petroleum industry in the UK and Ireland helps you improve business results. With insight into daily fuel prices and retail forecourts, Catalist will enable you to; decide your petrol station locations, performance and product offerings, develop new petrol sites and concepts, grow into new markets and expand your network.

Experian Marketing Services

Property Data & Locations

Experian Goad uses detailed property and location data to help you identify profitable locations. It offers comprehensive retail location plans and easy to use reports covering over 3,000 shopping areas in the UK and Ireland.

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