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Experian GOAD uses detailed property and location data to help you identify profitable locations.  It offers comprehensive retail location plans and easy to use reports covering over 3,000 shopping areas in the UK and Ireland.


What is Experian GOAD?

Experian GOAD is a retail property intelligence system that helps retail developers, property investors, planning professionals, and commercial agents to identify profitable locations for retail property development and investment projects.  It offers comprehensive retail location plans and easy to use reports covering over 3,000 shopping areas in the UK and Ireland.


How can Experian GOAD help you?

Whatever the scale of your planning activities, Experian GOAD products and services illustrate the up-to-date physical layout of retail centres and provide you with detailed consumer propensities surrounding it enabling you to make more informed business decisions.

- Quickly search and analyse prime sites for your retail property investments and developments

- Improve your consumer demographic and expenditure analysis

- Enhance your marketing collateral for lettings and disposals

- Boost your retail property planning, development and management strategies


Experian GOAD is also extremely useful for public sector  organisations supplying key information to inform future retail planning and to access economic development needs, as well as the education sector assisting geography departments with key elements of the curriculum.

GOAD plans

Recognised by property professionals as the definitive source of information for the retail and commercial property industry, a GOAD plan gives a bird’s eye view of a retail centre, showing the fascia name, retail category, floor space and exact location of all retail outlets and vacant premises. Key location factors such as pedestrian zones, road crossings, bus stops and car parks are also featured, allowing you to instantly assess the site quality of existing or prospective store locations. Historic GOAD Plans are available dating back to the 1960s.


GOAD data

One of the biggest challenges for property professionals is getting hold of comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on the retail make-up surrounding any commercial property. 

GOAD reports

GOAD reports provide an up-to-date picture of retail supply and consumer demand in over 3,000 GOAD surveyed town centres in the UK and Ireland. Depending on the type of report you buy, you can focus on supply or demand. Supply factors include floor space across trade types, and the number of outlet counts and vacant premises in a particular centre. Demand factors include shopper catchments and analysis of how consumer expenditure is likely to change in the future. You can even benchmark any number of separate shopping areas against a specific centre.

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Retail Address Data

GOAD's Retail Address Database produces the full list of retail addresses and relevant occupancy status details of all commercial properties located on a GOAD plan. It is used extensively by agents, developers, investors and retailers for applications such as competitor analysis, site assessment, planning procedures and modelling.

Retail Park Data

GOAD retail park data consists of up to 11,000 records on 1,200 locations, typically retail parks, solus or clustered warehousing, leisure units and other significant retail clusters. Data includes occupier, activity, full postal address and estimated building footprint floor space.


Experian's Shop*Point data gives a unique insight into the distribution of retail activity in the UK and Ireland. Shop*Point covers 778,000 retail locations, along with motor, leisure and vacant outlet records. With over 450,000 site-surveyed GOAD records plus 300,000 records from Experian’s National Business Database and Catalist forecourt database, it is one of the most comprehensive sources of retail information on who is located where.

Shop*Point helps you to:

- Understand the retailer make-up of an area for development and investment purposes.

- Graphically illustrate the distribution of retailer types through bespoke maps.

- Understand the potential of a sales territory and identify competitor locations.

Retail Planner

A location analysis service 

Retail Planner is a service for retail planners, economic development professionals, property consultants and retailers, providing comprehensive, up-to-date information for retail planning related decisions. This report provides data for three different types of expenditure: Comparison, Convenience and Leisure and combined with instructions on the accompanying briefing paper, future consumer expenditure by product type can be predicted. 

Future retail spending levels have an important bearing on the need for and capacity of future shop space. Stakeholders in the planning process, such as local authorities, retailers, retail consultants and surveyors, need an understanding of how the amount of money spent on goods and services is likely to change in the future. Experian’s Retail Planner software and reports provide clear, comprehensive, up-to-date expenditure and demographic reports to inform retail planning-related decisions.

Four types of report are available, providing estrimates of any local or zonal poulations and retail expendeture:

- Expenditure report at course level:

More than 30 comparison and retail types.

- Expenditure report
at fine level:

More than 60 comparison, convinience and leisure retail types.

- Retail business turnover potential report:

The proportion of retail expendeture in different types of store.

- Summary demographics:

Population and Mosaic characteristics.

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