ChannelView – Connecting your audiences across on and offline channels

In this multichannel world, it is increasingly difficult to understand the audiences you are interacting with and find ways of engaging with your customers more intelligently. ChannelView connects your customers across channels for the bigger picture.  Its breadth and depth of vision enriches your understanding of who your customers are, what they’re interested in and how to reach them.

Connecting your customers across multiple contact points allows you to:

  • engage with them cost effectively, through the channel they prefer,
  • meet your customers’ needs and expectations
  • increase the likelihood of converting a message into a sale
  • drive up the return on your marketing investment
  • build stronger client-customer relationships.

Increasingly, consumers are providing email addresses and/or mobile numbers as their primary method of communication and consequently, it is these identifiers that are becoming the new ‘addresses’ for consumers, providing a means to link online and offline consumer data and personas.


  • How can ChannelView can help you
  • Experian’s multi-channel marketing platform combines the breadth of digital approaches with depth of physical address information, enabling you to move one step closer to becoming fully multi-channel with a single customer view across your database. With access to a vast volume of data and rich insight you can now reap the benefits and maximise the value of linking on- and offline data.

    ChannelView and ConsumerView databases enable you to link on and offline data, whilst understanding the make-up of your customers:

    • 49.7m postal names and addresses
    • powerful social demographic models and over 500 variables
    • 34m individuals with one or more email addresses
    • 20m mobile numbers

    For example, enhance customer profiles by appending email address data to existing customer files or providing in depth demographic insight where previously you may only have had access to an email address or mobile telephone number for a consumer.

    Our proficiency of linking multiple data sets across on- and offline channels, in both real-time and batch, means you are no longer restricted to single channel communication.

  • ChannelView factsheet
  • In a multi-channel world we need a complete view of our customers, but a single contact point is just one piece of the jigsaw. ChannelView connects your customers across channels for the bigger picture. Its breadth and depth of vision enriches understanding of who your customers are, what they’re interested in and how to reach them.

    We live in a multi-channel marketing environment, but addressing information can often be a two dimensional business. It is a throwback to when individuals had one primary contact point, but now there are many — postal, email, mobile, landline and social media. If you only have one of these pieces, there’s a world of insight and opportunity that is being overlooked.

    The ChannelView platform brings together industry leading technologies, services and expertise to transform a single contact into multiple access points and a richer model of your audiences:

    • Take email or postal address and enhance it with geo-demographic insight from Experian’s rich segmentation classifications, delivered in real-time or as a batch process.
    • Open up the online potential of a customer’s offline postal address by combining it with 33 million online email contacts.
    • Add the next dimension by including the fast-growing mobile channel to the marketing mix — turning 20 million mobile numbers into a rich source of demographic and other contact data.

    Connected customers

    ChannelView allows you to engage with smarter, more relevant and timely marketing communications. By connecting your customers across multiple contact points you can engage them cost effectively through the channels they prefer. Meeting your customers’ needs and expectations also increases the likelihood of converting a message into a sale and drives up the return on your marketing investment.

    Data delivered through the ChannelView platform is re-built every month, ensuring it is always up-to-date, accurate and best placed to deliver quality data and up to date touch points for existing customers and prospects alike.

    Digital breadth and physical depth:

    With an email database you have a strong digital touch-point with your customers, but this doesn’t always translate into influence because there’s little insight into the individuals behind the address. The reverse of this coin is that a physical address database offers depth of geo- demographic customer understanding, but ignores the wealth of data generated by customers while surfing the net or engaging in social media.

    With ChannelView, Experian combines the breadth of digital approaches with the depth of physical addressing information, to deliver a far more sophisticated marketing platform. Experian’s email database contains 33 million email addresses, which are linked to a verified name and postal address fully opted in to receive marketing communications.

    Linking an email address to a geographic location means that Experian’s social- demographic models, such as Mosaic UK, Financial Strategies Segments (FSS) and TrueTouch can identify likes, interests, behaviours, economic status, ethnicity and channel preference. Linking physical addresses to email addresses opens up multiple access points and more marketing options, enriching offline approaches such as direct mail and bringing the ability to measure campaigns more effectively.

    Stability with mobility:

    The emergence of smartphones means that mobile is really moving — a mobile is now more ‘marketing hub’ than simple telephone. It’s already something that’s important to the marketing mix and this is only going to increase.

    Whilst mobile is dynamic, marketers need the stability of knowing the individual behind the number. With the ChannelView platform, you gain access to over 20 million validated mobile telephone numbers, and the demographic insight that goes with them.

    Real-time personalisation:

    Experian research shows that 84% of consumers now expect brands to provide more relevant, personalised marketing communications. Traditionally, websites needed to collect numerous pieces of user information to enable this personalisation. Now the ChannelView API allows just an email address to be used to enhance your online marketing with Experian’s social demographic models in real-time - driving greater website personalisation and enabling targeting of relevant content and offers. Your customers benefit from a more relevant and seamless user experience and your business benefits from increased engagement and response rates.

    Multiple channels — one vision

    ChannelView connects online, offline and mobile identities to give marketers a rich view of their customers. In giving you the platform to transform a single contact point into a multi-channel picture of your audiences, including a full demographic profile, ChannelView:

    • increases the likelihood of transaction per contact for improved ROI;
    • drives new and existing business;
    • builds meaningful and mutually profitable relationships with audiences;
    • helps the continuing refinement of marketing messages based on preferences;
    • improves brand perception and value.
  • ChannelView API
  • One size doesn’t fit all.
    Find out how to deliver a tailored online experience.

    ChannelView enables you to harness the power of Consumerview, the definitive multi-channel view of the UK, making it a perfect prospecting tool. Each record has full name, address and email data, which can then be linked to any of our socio-demographic models and/or any of our 500+ lifestyle variables, helping you to truly understand the profile of individuals that are interacting with your brand.

    ChannelView API allows the linking of Experian’s consumer insight data, in real time, to your customers via their email or postcode. This then enables you to tailor your website, promotions and content to each individual, increasing relevance and sales conversion.

    ChannelView delivers an understanding of each consumer, their likely life stage, preferences and buying behaviour, allowing you to deliver the most relevant content and offers for that consumer.

    What’s more on average it takes just 0.008 seconds to match the data and begin serving your tailored content meaning your customers won’t notice any delay from your normal website service.

    What’s in it for me?

    • You can tailor your customers online experience to their personal preferences, increasing their engagement with your brand and hopefully promoting better ROI. 
    • Over time you will be able to build a picture of the types of customers that engage with your brand, how they engage and with what. This in turn will help you service existing clients more effectively and successfully target new customers easily. 
    • Improve online sales conversion and web interaction by serving tailored and relevant products, services or adverts. 
    • The information Experian can give you about your customers is completely tailored to your needs, if you are a bank we can tell you about the customers financial history or risk. However, if you are a retailer we can tell you the disposable income levels or shopping habits. 
    • The information is available at 3 levels, person, household or postcode dependent upon what is the most relevant to your business.

    How does it work?

    • Consumer enters email address on client web site. 
    • API will take the email address and attempt to match that record into ChannelView. 
    • If matched, Experian will then apply the required demographic data (pre agreed) to the email address in real-time 
    • You will then receive the enhanced record which is subsequently loaded into your fulfilment database. 
    • Tailored / more relevant marketing communications can begin being served to the customer based on Experian insight.


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