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Alchemy Social drives performance, cuts costs and saves time – whether you're already engaged in social media, or taking your first steps.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Experian Marketing Services brings unparalleled social experience and a proprietary platform to enhance your social media advertising. Working across all major networks, we create, manage and optimise social advertising campaigns that connect your brand to your audiences, precisely where they engage.

Reach more of your customers – where they choose to engage – with the messages and brand experiences they really want.


Already engaged in social?

  • Integrate the Alchemy Social Ad Manager
    platform to automate campaigns and connect with the right audience
  • Customise the easy-to-use platform to your specific needs
  • Access on-tap Experian expertise to refine approaches and optimise performance

New to social?

  • Instant expertise with fully managed social advertising services
  • Harness Experian cross-channel know–how for greater customer insight, reach and engagement
  • On-going support and training to build in–house capabilities

Sharing more than a decade of expertise

Experian Marketing Services brings highly specialised tools and deep understanding of how the social channel contributes to overall digital strategies. Whether using our managed or licensed services, we connect your brand to your customers for successful social campaigns.

Partnering with Experian, you share in more than a decade of collective industry expertise. The Alchemy Social Facebook Ad Manager ensures that you achieve the best campaign performance at the lowest cost – allowing you to launch, manage and refine hundreds of campaigns quickly.


Case study

A luxury retailer combines Facebook advertising with email to increase ROI by 350 per cent.

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Case study

A social media ad campaign for a travel company achieves 14 per cent conversion - outperforming all other campaign channels.

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Why Experian

Providing an edge over the competition

We are uniquely placed to help our clients create a long term dialogue with their customers, enhancing social interaction and brand loyalty.

Knowing who your customers are is just the beginning. With access to Experian’s consumer classification tool Mosaic, we are able to go a step further and build a comprehensive, cross-channel view of your best customers. First, enhance a customer profile with rich lifestyle and demographic data, then engage that user with ads that are not just relevant and timely to their needs and interests, but also served via a marketing channel that they prefer.

Facebook Audience Engagement

Custom Audiences allow you to deliver Facebook ads to specific individuals, using CRM data. This approach, coupled with Experian’s data capabilities is ideal for amplifying the reach of your overall social activity, improving conversion and ultimately ROI. Learn more about Facebook Custom Audiences.

Launch a compelling campaign aimed at current customers to drive fan engagement and create a pool of loyal brand ambassadors.

  • Extend the reach of every campaign by connecting current email subscribers with Facebook advertising
  • Reduce the overall ROI of your digital marketing by ensuring you communicate with customers through their preferred channel
  • Create a campaign that is directed at an email audience that has become inactive– there is now an opportunity to re-engage these users online and utilise as a CRM tool
  • Continue to use traditional Facebook advertising to reach to fans, friends of fans and prospects who meet your ideal customer criteria


What is The Facebook Exchange?

The Facebook Exchange allows advertisers to re-target Facebook ads to website visitors who have or have not completed the desired action. These highly relevant and timely campaigns yield excellent results.

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