Looking for an opportunity to learn and grow? Take a look at our year in industry placement. At Experian, you’ll get the platform you need to develop your skills, put into practice the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained at university and work on real-life projects, so you can gain the experience you need to get ahead.

With your year in industry at Experian, you’ll get the support you need to flourish in your work experience and be at the heart of a diverse and inspirational team of people. If you’re ready for a challenge, then we’re ready to meet you.

Let’s create a better tomorrow together.

Experian year in industry placement opportunities include:

  • IT & Technology (Nottingham and London)
  • Marketing (Nottingham)
  • Analytics (Nottingham/ Southport/ London)
  • Digital Marketing (Nottingham & London)
  • Finance (Nottingham & London)

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