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A career at Experian brings rewarding ways to learn, inspiring leadership and, for those that want them, unlimited opportunities. We asked our leadership team what learning means to them...

Your development journey

Because everyone’s skills and aspirations are different, there’s no set career path here. Instead, we’ll give you the freedom and support you need to build your skills, make your role your own and develop in the direction you choose. Your development is split into five parts:

1. Knowing your role requirements

Each role has a profile, structured by job family, grade and level of experience, to help you understand what’s required of you.

2. Defining competencies

Identify the knowledge and behaviours you need to demonstrate in your role. This will help you assess your current and future performance and development.

3. Developing role competencies

Each job family has its own curriculum, designed to give you the knowledge and practical training you need to stay ahead in your particular industry.

4. Love Learning

We give you lots of different ways to keep learning, including online courses and materials, workshops, videos, talent programmes, coaching and mentoring, and skills toolkits.

5. Performance for growth

This is our global performance-management process. It’s designed to support your growth and development, both as individuals and as a company. Everyone here has performance plan with a set of personalised career objectives. To help you reach yours, we’ll check in with you regularly to decide on the best development opportunities and reflect on how well they’re working.

Our learning approach


Practical experience

Up to 70% of learning usually happens through the course of your day-to-day work. To do this effectively, we encourage people to understand and define their skills and knowledge, behavioural strengths and development areas. Once you’re aware of where you’d like to improve, you’ll prioritise projects and tasks that give you that kind of experience and exposure.


Learning from others

Around 20% of learning usually comes from spending time with others – whether that’s through one-on-one sessions, coaching and mentoring, work shadowing or simply gathering feedback. Whatever you want to achieve, there will always be a colleague or person in your network who can help you get there.


Formal training

Just 10% of learning actually comes from what people usually think of as ‘training’, such as class-based or online learning, external programmes and books and resources. Everyone learns differently, so the key here is to choose the methods you’ll get the most out of.

Natalie Degg - Senior Team Manager

“I've come up from an entry-level role through to where I am now and that has all been through support from others, mentoring, online learning and formal training”

Natalie Degg, Senior Team Manager

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Diversity and inclusion

We believe our differences are things to be celebrated, and that the diversity of our workforce is a big part of our global success. We want everyone to succeed with us, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, physical ability, experience or thinking style. We also look to adopt progressive policies, such as flexible working hours, to accommodate people’s individual circumstances.