Dual Fuel Tariffs Explained

What is a dual fuel tariff?

A dual fuel plan is when you receive your gas and your electricity from the same energy supplier, rather than from two separate suppliers.

If you receive an electricity bill from one energy supplier and a gas bill from a different one, then you are not on a dual fuel contract.

Is dual fuel different to other energy supplies?

There is no physical difference between dual fuel and single fuel contracts. The only difference will come in who you pay your bills to.

The same actual gas and electricity comes through your pipes and wires whether you have one dual fuel contract or two single deals.

Advantages of dual fuel plans

Dual fuel plans are one of the most common energy tariffs and have two obvious advantages; they’re often cheap and they’re easy to manage.

It’s usually costs less than getting gas and electricity separately, and suppliers sometimes offer a dual fuel discount.

You will only receive bills from one company, and some suppliers even offer a combined bill for simplicity.

Is dual fuel cheaper?

The discounts that come with dual fuel deals mean it’s usually one of the cheapest ways of paying your energy.

However, the cheapest energy deal will depend on when you’re looking and where you’re based, so check all your options and consider what you want carefully.

Comparing dual fuel deals

Comparing a dual fuel deal is no different to comparing any other energy bills.

Just enter your details from a recent bill into an energy comparison tool, which should include your energy consumption and meter registration details.

If you don’t exactly know these, you can get an estimate, but your results will be more accurate if you’re aware of these details.

You can then see which deals are cheaper.

How do I switch to a dual fuel plan?

After comparing deals from energy suppliers available in your area you can see if you could save by switching to dual fuel deal.

If you find a dual fuel deal you like, you just need apply to switch to the new supplier. They’ll sort out your switch with your current suppliers, even if you currently get your electricity and gas from different suppliers

Pay less for your energy

Switching to a dual fuel deal instead of using separate suppliers can be a good way to reduce your bills, but there are a few ways to pay less each month.

The first step is to run an energy comparison once or twice a year and check if there are cheaper deals out there.

You could also switch to online account management, which should save you money if you currently receive your energy bills through the post.

Online account management is cheaper for energy companies, as they don't have to send out regular paper statements. So they may pass these savings on to you.

Many suppliers will also let you submit your meter readings online, so it’s easier to ensure your bills are accurate rather than estimated.

Reduce your energy consumption and your bills

The best way to reduce the amount you pay for energy is to reduce your consumption.

It is easy to switch to a new supplier and pay less for the energy you use, but this is a short term saving. If you use less energy you will save far more over the long term.

Give the following a try:

  • Ensuring all your lightbulbs are energy-savers
  • Turning the thermostat down by just one or two degrees
  • Getting a smart thermostat, so you can intelligently manage your heating
  • Turning off your TV and computers when not in use
  • Replacing your fridge, freezer and washing machine with energy-efficient models
  • Improving the insulation on your home

We can help you switch your energy

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