What to do if you’re a victim of identity fraud

It’s important to take action quickly if you’ve suffered identity fraud. Fraudsters may steal money from your bank accounts and take out credit in your name – so you want to stop them as soon as you can.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Contact your bank and lenders

Don’t waste any time in reporting lost or stolen credit or debit cards. Get in touch with your bank, credit card providers or other lenders to tell them you’ve been a victim of identity fraud.

They’ll investigate the issue, and in some instances, will contact the police for you. Just be ready to provide proof of your identity and address. And, if a bank or lender contacts you about credit you know nothing about, tell them right away.

2. Report it to Action Fraud

Report your case to Action Fraud – the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre – they’ll advise on the steps you need to take and any other organisations you should contact.

3. Contact us

With a free Experian Account we offer victim of fraud support. To find out more please visit our contact us page. The level of support can be increased when you upgrade to CreditExpert.

Stay in control

  • Get in touch with the Royal Mail if you think your post has been stolen or if a mail redirection has been set up for your address
  • Keep a record of all your calls, letters and emails about the fraud
  • Report all lost or stolen documents such as passports or driving licences
  • Ask the Mailing Preference Service to remove your name from any mailing lists – this service is free and will help stop marketing materials going to your old addresses