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Eligibility is only available for a selection of lenders.

First-time buyer, moving house or looking to re-mortgage? We can simplify things by showing you which lenders are more likely to accept you.

We check your credit information against lenders' criteria to give you your chances of approval (eligibility). We can also help you work out how much you could borrow and then pass you to our expert broker partner, L&C, for fee free, tailored mortgage advice.

Eligibility isn’t everything – you may have more options

Our mortgage eligibility tool is a great place to start comparing mortgages but it doesn’t provide advice. Our broker partner L&C can help you choose the right mortgage to suit your needs – not all lenders show an eligibility rating today. L&C will be able to provide you with a more detailed assessment of mortgages from over 80 lenders.

What does eligibility mean?

Your eligibility rating usually appears as a percentage. It shows how likely you are to be approved – the higher it is, the better your chances. You can find out more about what eligibility is by reading our guide.

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Useful mortgage tips

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100% and 95% mortgages

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Finding the right mortgage

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