Without a doubt, preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has had a significant impact on UK organisations in terms of cost and effort.

At Experian, we believe the GDPR presents a positive opportunity to transform the way you organise and process the personal data you hold; increasing the value you get from it and reinforcing customer-centric business practices that are essential in our data-driven age.

Find out more about the GDPR and what it means for your business here.

"Only 20.9% of organisations believe themselves to be 'optimised' when it comes to data and analytics adoption"
- Data IQ GDPR Impact Series 2018

Our approach to the GDPR for UK businesses

To help you thrive under the GDPR, we have designed 4 solution packages that can be used independently or together to help you manage the requirements of the GDPR and prosper in our data-driven economy. We believe that once a solid data foundation has been laid for your organisation, you can manage the other elements required by the GDPR including Data Subject Access Requests and Data Breach response.


Data Cataloguing

Recognise the sensitive data landscape

Find and organise all the personal data that your organisation holds.

Core to the GDPR is visibility and control of the personal data your business holds - our advanced discovery and data management technology service is tailored to the needs of your business.


Data Integrity

Take a Data Integrity Assessment

How reliable is your data? Quickly assess the quality of your data.

Our data experts deliver robust data management technology and validation engines which are key to assessing the quality of your existing data.


Data Match

Responding to data subject access requests

Ensure a swift and accurate response to individual requests for access to personal data.

Our unique data matching and pinning capabilities can be delivered as a service and on-premise solution which means you can identify, resolve and tag individual data subjects when an access request is made.


Data Breach

Preparing for and managing data breaches

Prepare, know and react to a potential data breach within your organisation.

In a digital age, the security of the personal data you hold is paramount and you need to be prepared should a data breach occur. We provide an end-to-end data breach service and support to guide you through prevention, protocol and best practice.

We know that meeting the requirements of the GDPR is challenging and so recommend talking to one of our experts about a Data Integrity Assessment today.

By understanding the quality, accuracy and integrity of your data, you can begin to plan the related tasks.

GDPR webinarGDPR webinar

2018 is the year of data and at Experian, we believe that organisations have a responsibility to build trust with customers by demonstrating their integrity through better data stewardship, transparency and accuracy. The customer must be at the heart of every interaction and every transaction. Their data can offer huge insights which, if extracted can create a value exchange. Building these insights, in turn, will deliver better business outcomes. The webinar hosted by Raj Jethwa and Jim Steven, provides insight in to the positive opportunities that the GDPR is bringing through good data management.

View the webinar here


Please note that while we can support businesses with their preparations for the GDPR, we cannot offer legal counsel or compliance advice.


We work with a range of partners that can support you with your preparations for the GDPR.


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